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Internet Webcasting is an innovative method of providing Webcasting solutions that can be used to take live events to audiences across the African Continent covering cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Cairo, Nairobi, Alexandria & Casablanca with people who are not physically present at the venue but still wish to be a part of it. All that is required is an internet connection and a popular browser which will allow your audiences to see everything that goes on at your physical event even though these individuals are located in cities across South Africa and cities across the African Continent such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Cairo, Nairobi, Alexandria & Casablanca. The unique selling proposition of live webcasting services South Africa is that the event can be viewed in real-time, which eliminates the need for the recording of the entire event before it can be shared with others.

A live webcast is a media file that is broadcasted live over the World Wide Web by utilizing live video streaming technology. A webcasting solution can also be distributed on demand for later playback. To put it simply, Webcasting companies or webcast service providers South Africa does nothing but "broadcasting" over the Web with rich media content including audio + video + PowerPoint + Q&A + Polling in a single interface.

Real-time listening and viewing of speakers or presenters can be accomplished via live Webcasting services Cape Town, which makes the experience similar to watching a live event on TV. Webstream's webcasting services South Africa platforms offers many advantages over satellite transmission or other broadcasting channels:

  • The Platform is a state of the art HTML5, Cross Browser, Cross OS platform that works on Laptops, Desktops, I Pads, Tablets & Smartphones.
  • As a tool for communication, internet webcasting can be very cost-effective and enjoy high acceptance rates throughout many industries in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Cairo, Nairobi, Alexandria & Casablanca.
  • There are no barriers on the distribution of content, which can be done both regionally across South Africa as well as geographically across the globe.
  • Webstream's Q&A module based on rich text allows viewers to ask questions during a Live webcast.
  • Our unique polling services allows presenters and speakers to obtain instant audience feedback.
  • The webcast can be watched live or on-demand (recorded) as per viewer preferences.
  • The webcast can be accessed from any location in Africa or any other country including the viewer's home, office or a public location.

Some of the Key Features of Our Enterprise Class Live webcasting platform:

  • Custome URL creation with password protection & website code embedding
  • Wide Screen webcast interface with adaptive streaming.
  • Acceptible formats for Slide Upload - Powerpoint, PDFs & Jpegs.
  • PowerPoint Integration separately alongside the video area.
  • Customized Registration Fields.
  • Branded Webcast Landing Page.
  • Timer based Polling.
  • Post Event Custom Feedback Forms
  • Moderated Text based Q&A with Short listing of Questions.
  • Resource file downloads.
  • Broadcast Messaging for Announcements during the Live Webcast.
  • Slide sharing Presenter Control Link.
  • Video Integration in a Live Event.
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming for high and low bandwidth users.
  • Video input acquisition from a Webcam, video conferencing Cape Town unit or an Encoder.
  • Swapping Functionality between video and slides.
  • Viewer Registration List.
  • Questions list exportable in an excel format.
  • Eye ball reporting for Live viewers.
  • Live count of viewers.
  • Archiving and On Demand Console for later playback.

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